25 January 2016

Massage Bar

The back/rib issue has lingered on way longer than I expected and has limited my speed work (intervals). It is still painful to deep breath. 
I also have very minor soreness in the left Achilles heel and tendonitis in the left knee.
I have increased my mileage (over 100km is unheard of for me! 107km last week!) and kept to a monks diet.
I'm about 61/62kg pre run - 59/60kg post run. 
I'm in good shape but need the speed work to be able to race on the track. 
The State 5000 is on 11th Feb and the State 10,000 26th Feb. 
I think the 5 will be a little too soon for me but might still race, the 10,000 should be OK.
The mornings have been ridiculously warm and getting up at 4;30am for a 5;00am start doesn't help too much. Yesterday I drove over to Scarborough for 25km  (4;06 K's) .
It was tough going out with a wind in my face but coming back you get no breeze  and the humidity coming off the ocean knocks you about.
I bought a massage bar for evening TV viewing exercise, much easier to use than the large foam roller.$23 on ebay.

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