26 May 2011


Mon Rest
Tues 5.22am 10.72KM Lake+Roo 44m12  4m6 6K's 
Wed 5.19am 10.64KM Lake+Roo 44m30 4m11 K's
Thurs 5.26am 9.53KM Esplanade 41m16  4m20 K's

I'm now in Cairns and will be here for about two weeks before spending a week in Pormpuraaw on the Western Cape (I didn't get the Torres Strait gig!) Still Yarrabah and Pormpuraaw are both incredible beachside communities! Must watch out for Crocs when running in Pormpuraaw!
The chilly Southern weather followed me up the coast so this mornings run was in about 14 O C which compared to the normal daytime low of 20 O C was pretty nippy!

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