22 May 2011

Noosa 10KM 33;43 8th Open

Sat 6km Roo
Sun 8.15am Noosa 10km   33m43   8th Open  1st M40-49

It had pi$$ed down Sat eve and through the night and I thought we'd be running through puddles in the rain this morning but as night turned to day on the drive up to Noosa I was treated to a beautiful blue sky with hardly a cloud to be seen.
Ran about 3km warm up and toed the front of the start line and belted away from the gun. Jackson Elliott was a class apart in this field and he was starting to gap us at 1KM which I past in 3m09.7 (153bpm).
This is one of the  biggest 10K races in Queensland and I was running with the young and gifted at the head of the field. Perhaps I was a little too exuberant as I pushed into 2nd place! during the 2nd KM 3m15.6 (166). 
As early as the 3rd KM I was thinking that start might come back to haunt me as a group of 3 gapped me. I was now running in a group of 3 or so guys. Conditions felt really warm and was I running for the shady side of the road where ever possible as I started to suffer.The 3rd KM was 3m17.6 (170) , 4th KM 3m20.9 (172), 5th KM 3m20.5 (175). 
I looked at my watch for the first time at the 5KM mark on the road and 16m40'ish had seemed like so much hard work, and slightly disappointing time wise. The group gapped me and I ran home in No Mans Land by myself. My pace evidently slowed up as I closed 6th KM 3m26.3 (176), 7th KM 3m27.1 (177), 8th KM 3m28.9 (177)
9th KM 3m27.8, I was closing in on 7th place but was not feeling hugely competitive and cruised in with the Garmin saying 10th KM in 3m24.5 (178) + 6.54secs (181).
Happy to have run under 34mins.
Previously finished 5th in 2006  34m02, and 10th in 2007  33m59.
Would like to be able to put together steady 3m20 K's sometime soon.
Glorious drive home along the Sunshine coast Motorway which hugs the coast between Noosa and Maroochydore beautiful surf spray and beach.
Results are up already here
I Got beaten by a 14 y.o.! There again the 14 y.o. me would beat me now as well! 
David Scroope ran well in 36m07 to win M50's but got chicked by my neighbour Helen Stanton!! ;  )


TokyoRacer said...

Nice race, David, that's an impressive time.
Also impressive is that you were even faster when you were 14. I didn't think 14 year olds ran that fast. I tried to look up (Google) US road records by age, but had no success. I assume there are no world records for those ages (on the road), but thought there would be national records. Any idea where to find them? Are there Australian road records by age?

David Sweeney said...

Hey Tokyo, in reality what I was saying was that in virtual reality the 14 y.o. me would beat the 49 y.o me in my opinion! I ran 9m04 for 3000m at 14 but don't think I ran 10K on the road, certainly not on the track as it was probably not allowed.
Mind you I will say that Christian Wilson is certainly a name we should look out for, hopefully a precocious talent of the future if not now!
My 9m04 never got officially recorded in the UK , my old coach Alf Wilkins is the chairman of the National Union of Track Statisticians, here is a link to UK Track records; Cheers

Anonymous said...

Good race Dave, I lost sight of you early in the peice. It was good to run with Helen - she made me work all the way. It's taken a while but times slowly coming down. Out of curiosity what distance did your garmin give for the 10k.
Dave S

Scott Brown said...

You're in the ball park with regards to holding the 3min20 per Ks pace over a distance. Amazing what you can do when you stay off the injury list for a few months!

By the way if you could catch the 14 year old David and tell him something to take to the future what would you say to him?

kevin f forde said...

Only a brit or a paddy could say"it pissed down"
ha ha!

David Sweeney said...

Hi Scott, What a good question!
The obvious answer is buy microsoft and google shares!
From a running perspective I'd say dont give it up in your twenties as you'll regret not knowing how fast you might have run!
Kev, like you I'm a bit of both plus now are regard myself as QUEENSLANDER!!!!