08 May 2011

Mothers Day Classic

Sun 5.27am  16.35km Lke+Roo+Roo 71m53 (4m24 K's)

Natalie was up at 5.am to get to the South Bank for her first ever race! The Mothers Day Classic - she's going to do the 4KM. So I thought I'd get a run in whilst the kids were still asleep and my time was not taken by being a dutiful husband on Mothers Day. It felt really cold by Brissy standards - probably about 14 O C (57 F) so I wore a singlet[vest] under my long sleeved top! Crickey I'll be wearing  a beaney (hat) next! - actually I did have a cap on!
Must have been the cold and the K's from last night still in my legs as I struggled to get going but then it was similar pace to the rest of the week.

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