04 May 2011

Freddy Ovett

Wed 5.22am 10.66km Lake+Roo  46m44  (4m23 K's)
Tues Rest
Mon 3.43pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 42m09  (3m59 K's)

The Results from Sunday's Sunshine Coast Cross Country came through today (here)

After I had finished the 12K (and yes after another 7 News interview!) I was chatting to 2nd place finisher Peter Bock (A sub 3m50 1500m guy!) when  a lad came up and chatted briefly with Peter. A tall slim dark lad who I then 'raced' in the 3K.
I say 'raced' but he took off at the start and I didn't see him but for the turnaround section of this lap course. Anyhow, I see in the results it was Freddy Ovett ! (Steve's son) he has inherited some of his dads supreme talent.
It was back to work on Tuesday after what seems like two weeks off but was actually 11 days. 
I deserved a rest day and as it was pouring with rain that is what I got. 
Today I got up at 5.00am for my morning run and it was tough going. Much cooler than it has been  17 O C -  I ran in a long sleeved top (a mistake) and darkness lasting much longer into the run.


Scott Lawrence said...

Hi David,
Steve now lives in Melbourne. Freddy is a regular track middle distance competitor for Melbourne Grammar. He does have a very fluent running style and yes, has quite some talent! cheers, Scott

TokyoRacer said...

That's interesting. Will have to remember to keep an eye out for him.