18 May 2011

Torres Strait Islands and Cape York Peninsular

Wed  5.19am 10.68km Lake+Roo 44m56  4m12 K's
Tues 5.21am  10.70km Lake+Roo 44m37 4m10 K's
Mon Rest

I have always loved to travel. Perhaps that is one reason why I am living in Australia. An opportunity has arisen through work for me to travel next week to the Cape York Peninsular and the Torres Strait Islands for a month.This is a fantastic opportunity that money literally could not buy. Access to these areas is limited. I'll be carrying out condition assessments on Indigenous Community housing  it is not my usual role but . Being away from the family for a month will be very difficult but this is a lifetime opportunity I simply could not miss. It will be fun blogging my training runs and I hope I can blog some Garmin maps to show you where I am and hopefully make you all very jealous! ; )
I'll miss a few races and wont be able to finish the SSCXC series but I wont mind saying goodbye to Lake+Roo for a few weeks!

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