29 December 2011

20 X 400m @ 71.75

Thurs 1.14pm Nudgee 20 X 400m Nudgee 120m jog recovery @ 71.75
Wed 3.59pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m06  4m17 K's 138bpm
Tues 4.46pm 10.50km Roo+Lake 42m35   4m03 K's
Mon 9.28am 10.65km Roo+Lake 45m51  4m18 K's
Sun 5.12pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 45m--  Garmin switched itself off 4m17 K's

At Nudgee this afternoon by myself;


72.86  135bpm
72.50  145
73.13  147
71.40  149
71.02  152
70.83  153
71.77  156
71.78  153
71.98  153
71.41  156
72.53  155
72.50  155
72.20  156
71.44  157
72.20  157
72.08  157
71.98  159
71.41  159
71.57  158
68.53  161

A tough old session! Ran them in flats as usual. Quite breezy but seemed to be able to cut through the wind somehow. Was starting the reps with a heart beat up around 120bpm. A good set in difficult conditions, clouds rolled over the sun to give some reprieve from the heat. PF in right foot and tendinitis in left knee are continuing slight factors , the PF tends to get real bad as I drive back home. I get out the car and can barely walk! eventually able to walk it off and tend to pay the price again tomorrow morning. 
I have only been doing steady runs through the holidays up till now fitting runs around the family. 
Might do ParkRun (5km Road) on Sat morning. 
Other races coming up;
A UQ Track meet (Open) on 6th Jan on a Friday evening (!) 3000m if I rejoin University of Queensland T & F team in time.
Queensland 5000m Championship (Open) 21st Jan Sat eve (!).

Saw 127 hours recently and am now reading the book having downloaded the soundtrack! Liked all the tracks but in particular liked Free Blood - Never going hear surf music again and Band of Horses - The Funeral


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coach dion said...

Reading about how hard you train for track almost makes me want to run a bit more track this year... But I might keep to the longer stuff, as my speed has felt the body!!!

When ever I try and run fast my calves say No you don't!!!