21 September 2013

3000m 9;36.81

Phil Peter Anne Paul Ronnie Me

Barry Peter Anne Paul Ronnie Me

In disguise

Sat 8.00am SAF 3000 9;36.81 (3;12 K's) 1st

The last time I stepped onto the track competitively was 12th February 2012 when I ran 9;13.52 for a Qld M50 Record. Today I was not expecting to be anywhere near that but was hoping to run around 9;30.
Conditions were typical Queensland, warm and sunny 20.1 O C (68 O F) but low 38 % humidity and little to no wind.
It was great to be back at Queensland Masters and to see all the 'old' faces. The funniest thing was shaking the hand of Peter Reeves (The Robot) without recognizing him! He had grown a full on mountain goat beard that would not have gone a miss in Deliverance. It was not until he spoke that I cottoned on it was the Queensland legend.
Not Peter Reeves (The Robot)
Among others competing today, Australian legend Ronnie Peters, Chris Bell, Barry Broe, Paul Shard with Phil Davies officiating.
I warmed up with three laps (3Km) of the stadium, did a few strides and we were off, about 12 runners and 8 walkers. I ran through 200m in 35 and that was about the only time I looked at the clock. With the Garmins inability to record correct 1K splits I interpolated my K times to be about 3;07, 3;14 and 3;13. My heart rate got to 177bpm.
I hit the bell lap in 8;20 and was disappointed  that I could only manage a 76 last lap. 
I have always started my track campaigns slowly and built but I have a long way to go to get close to what I running in 2011/12.
I will race some of the evening meets later in the year with the kids (QA) in order to seek out better racing conditions and for competition.
My thoughts go out to Ronnie who has had major health issues over the last year (even though setting Australian Half Mara M60 records!), and has further battles ahead. 
You are a Champion. 
Today Ronnie was second in 10;28.17 - unbelievable.

Results are here

For a warm down the boys and I ran the Sweeney Circuit - named in my honour in my absence over the last 20 months, but this is Ronnies Circuit.

Wed 5.7km Roo 22;10 3;53 K's
Thurs 10.55km Roo+Lake 41;05 3;54 K's
Fri 10.55 Roo+Lake 43;59 4;10 K's


A correspondent said...

Washington post:
Dave Sweeney after a triumphant and profitable sweep of Queensland provincial town fun runs scored a remarkable win over a mixed field of seasoned masters , government apparatchiks , and nursing home residents to show he is firmly back as the undisputed king of Queensland Masters running . Sweeney , the global face of Garmin , failed only marginally in his quest to lap the entire field in his 3k event . Sweeney is certainly coming back to his garmined best .

The robot said...

Hi David . The carbon based unit you refer to was highly inefficient . 95% was nothing to get overexcited about. His bio distinctiveness has been absorbed by the collective and he now serves a higher purpose . He is in a happier place . He serves a higher cause .

TokyoRacer said...

You get better comments than other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Great first up run David. I think the Robot should trim the beard to avoid being lapped by Superman Sweeney at future meets. If you can run this fast after nearly 2 years off who knows what you are capable of by seasons end.

Anonymous said...

A shave won't save him

Will Smith said...

Leave the robot alone