17 September 2013

Hotch potch

Monday 10.6km roo+lake 43:45  4:08Ks
Tuesday 5km hotch potch 15:35 (recovery paused)
Yesterday just a steady run, today down to Graham 'Boy' Cogill oval for what was going to be 5 x 1000 on the grass oval. As it turned out the wind was gusting to such an extent (30kmph gusting 39kmph) on this exposed oval that after fighting it for two I decided to adopt a different 'circuit' around the sports field which didn't really help and the distance was all wrong but I still managed to run for 5km with about 5 intervals plus 2km WU 1600m WD. 


The robot said...

Danger Will Robinson ! Danger !
Yea the wind can be a real bugger . I ran out of it tonight !

London Times said...

London times:
Rumour mill abuzz that expatriate Dave Sweeney set to make low key comeback in Brisbane tomorrow over 3k . Has laid down a challenge to the residents of the Goldenyears retirement village to not all be lapped . My money's on the Sweeney .

The robot said...

Dave I cannot allow you to do that