09 September 2013

incongruous activities

Saturday 1;52pm  32.28km 2;15;28 4m12K's
Sunday 3;19pm 5 X 1000 with 200 jog recovery Nudgee

  1. 3;11,
  2. 3;17,
  3. 3;15,
  4. 3;15,
  5. 3;15

I went long on Saturday. I hadn't really planned to but I'd accepted a STRAVA challenge to run 20 miles in the next 10 days and decided 'on the hoof' to make it there and then. I had half an idea about the course to run from taking my daughter out on driving lessons and where I'd cycled. It was a warm sunny day and I'd put plenty of sunscreen on, which initially made me sweat profusely. I felt pretty good just taking it steady stopping for water 3 times. Only when I got back into North Lakes did I start to feel it in my legs but the pace had also quickened (4min K's for last 5km). 32K's is my furthest ever training run (well I cant remember running longer when I was younger but I suppose it is possible), though I did run (Race)  the Glasshouse Mountains 50km Trail Runs when I first got to Australia (2004 off no training and absolutely smashed myself!).
On Sunday I was keen to get to the track knowing I would not find time during the week, though appreciating Saturdays run would have a major bearing on how I would perform. Conditions were sunny warm and windy, not ideal for long intervals.
2KM warm up and into it. 
I ran conservatively averaging about 3m14/15 for 5 X 1000m with 200m jog recovery in my road shoes. The wind and Saturday took its toll.

Strava Marathon Training Series

Saturdays Monster Run

Sundays Heart rate Ave 162bpm  Max 177bpm

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