03 September 2013

Bridge to Brisbane 5km 15;31 10th

For convenience and fitness I chose to race the 5KM at the Bridge to Brisbane this year. A much more reasonable  start to Fathers Day! 
A 'sleep in' and then the kids presents (a hammock!!!). 
A leisurely drive down the Nudgee Road and no need to pay the toll both ways. Lots of space to warm up and only 9,500 runners taking part.(24,600 in the 10KM)

The race was going to have some positives and some negatives.
The late start meant the temperature was up in the mid 20's C, there are some nasty climbs coming out of the inner city bi-pass tunnel. The positives were the competition and we had a following wind.This distance attracts a high proportion of the good younger track 1500/3000/5000 guys who consider 10KM too far.

The start was 9.40am from a side road off Kingsford Smith which was not good planning turning left within 30 meters of the start. 
I flew off bumping and barrelling my way to the lead! I wondered why the kids weren't flying past and seemingly taking things rather sedately as I went full pelt down the road. Eventually I came to my senses and tried to tuck in behind a big group of youngsters who all appeared to be sponsored by 'FiTnance' or a Podiatrist. 
My first KM was 3m03 and I was falling off the back of the group.

I worked hard on the incline and started to get back into others who'd been spat out the back of the large group. I finished off pretty well and stopped my watch at 15;31.
I was by no means alone representing the over 50's as Gary Mayor was pretty close and has been running really  well again recently. 

The font of all Brisbane running knowledge Robbie Lofthouse tells me Gary was a 2h20 Mara man back in the day.
I was the first guy over 35 years old, Gary was second.
Results are Here


coach dion said...

I also hate it when to distance is short or long...

TokyoRacer said...

First guy over 35! Nice.

Tom said...

What's Neil Labinsky doing down in 19th?

David said...

Tom, I saw him walking up the hill, suspect he'd blown up. He should have at least got 3rd. A good pick up from you.

Peter said...

Great Form . Pressure is on to go for Bradford's 5k state age record . 15:51. You can do it. England expects every man to do his duty . ( or get his record)

David said...

Peter Reeves Mr.95% age graded 1500m Man congrats on finally proving you are not a robot (by posting a comment) and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not a robot. A running machine!!

Just Ronnie again.

David said...

Hey Ronnie, great to hear from you! Peter said you having some treatment how are things going?
Hope to see you on the road again soon.