16 September 2013


Sat 15 X 400m - 100m jog recovery (paused) 18;07
Sun 21.3KM 1;29;59  4;13 K's

Saturday headed to Nudgee late afternoon for 15 X 400m 100m jog recovery. Early on it was pretty windy but later the wind died down and I only had to cope with the warmth. Wasn't feeling great but worked hard at getting this session done. Trying to get used to running on the track again. Will step up to two track sessions when it gets light enough to complete a session before work in the mornings which will probably be another month or two.
My pace was low 70's about 3min K pace. My heart rate steadily climbing to max at 174bpm on the last interval.
The Garmin clocked me at 18;07 for the 6000m (with the recovery paused).
On Sunday I went out on a very warm afternoon for a lazy long run 21.3KM (2 X roo+lake). The legs were feeling the track work but coped OK.
Shouldn't be too long before the track season is with us and I will hope to run 1500/3000 and 50000 and maybe a 10000 if the body keeps it together - I have a number of niggles.
I am taking this week off work, here is our weather forecast.
Showers increasing, late storm.
Max 22
Max 22
UV Alert from 8:30 am to 2:50 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 8 [Very High]
Showers easing, gusty storm.
Min 17
Max 28
Fine, mostly sunny.
Min 14
Max 29
Fine, partly cloudy.
Min 14
Max 31
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 17
Max 30
Fine, partly cloudy.
Min 16
Max 28
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 13
Max 25


The robot said...

Great session Dave . Good to see you back on the track . How's the PF holding out ?

David said...

Hi Peter, Thanks; the PF is lurking in the background but never getting painful enough to not run.
I have faint concerns that my left foot has the very earliest signs of PF. I will be extra vigilant and ice and stretch like it is part of my routine.