12 September 2013


Monday Rest
Tuesday 5.39am 10.55km Roo+Lake 45;02 4;16 K's
Wednesday 5.43am 10.51km Roo+Lake 44;35 4;14 K's
Thursday 12;16pm 14.76km River Run 60;12 4;05 K's

I call it 'Summer' when we have our first 30 O C (86 O F) day and even though we are just into official Spring in Brisbane, we've had two consecutive 30+ O C days. As I ran at lunchtime today I was desperately searching out shaded water gurglers to placate my mighty thirst. I think the humidity this afternoon was pretty low @ 24% where as yesterday mornings run was in cool 15 O C (59 O F) temperature but 95% humidity - that is typical Brisbane.


coach dion said...

It's still single figures here on my morning runs, I am in need of summer!

The robot said...

Well trained kid ! The dog's smart as well . Summer is a time when all men's thoughts doth turn to records .