30 October 2013

Energy Boost

Monday Rest
Tuesday 5.30am Nudgee 5 X 800m - 200m jog recovery
Wed 5.30am Roo+Lake 10.65km 43;28 4;05 K's

Tuesday I got up at 4.30am to get to the track for a 5.20am start(!)
2000 warm up and a few strides and into it.

#1 2;28 152bpm ave 164bpm max
#2 2;29 156bpm ave 168bpm max
#3 2;26 160bpm ave 172bpm max
#4 2;25 161bpm ave 175bpm max
#5 2;23 163bpm ave 177bpm max

My feet were still hurting from the stones through the soles of my shoes on Sundays Flinders Tour but even with a host of additional niggles when I actually get going I feel OK. I was pleased with this session, ran it top less and also had to contend with sprinklers jetting out water onto track (rather than watering the infield) for the whole session.

My adidas adios 2 have just clocked up 1000km and so walking past the adidas store in the Mall a sign caught my eye 'Buy any pair of shoes and buy a second pair for $20' - I was interested in testing out a pair of Boost with what looks like a polystyrene sole!! so a pair of size US11 (that's a first!!)  Energy Boost for $180 and for $20 I bought the only trail shoe (size US10.5) adidas had in stock (Response?) for $20 - they appear to have a very sturdy sole which I hope will protect my delicate feet next time I hit the trails (got to be the weekend).

I tried them out this morning and enjoyed the ride running 10.65km in 4.05 I had to hold myself back as I will be racing the Cool Night Classic in the city on Thursday evening.

I think these are the trail shoes I bought - Response


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