31 October 2013

Cool Night Classic 6th 17.02

There is never anything cool weather wise about this race it is always a warm evening, today we also had a strong wind.
I lined up next to Clare Geraghty along with 2500 others. My intention was to race this one in the hope of repeating my 3rd place of 2011 and 2010. The 'siren' started us from a narrow funnel and we rushed downhill for 200m then turned to run along the riverside pathway, I covered the first K in 3;07, as I took up a  back of a pack position as a group of about 4 chased Clay Dawson (not fresh from running a debut 2;30 Mara at Melbourne and Alistair Stevenson former Sub4 miler (is that right Peter?) Who has made a come back over the last couple of years.
I felt quite comfortable as we headed over the Goodwill Bridge. Sadly I must have been taking it too easy as I got gapped as we headed up the incline. Some tight turns then up The South Bank parklands, I managed to catch one of the pack , as it turned out Scott Britain - a famous Ipswich ? runner. Past 3 K and we run under the Victoria Bridge then up the circular ramp onto the bridge - my sore knees nearly buckled as the combined tight circular ramp and the incline gave me difficulty. Along the Victoria dodging pedestrians I thought I might just catch the next guy who turned out to be Mick O'Shea about 75m up the road. More tight turns as we hit the down ramp to get back on to the Riverside Pathway, that 4th K took 3:30 !!
The last K at least was pretty straight just the odd few turns as we head back into the Botanical Gardens and the finishing area. I was looming in on Mick but calls from the crowd alerted him of my approach and he ward able to lift the last 50m and finish 1sec in front of me.
I finished 6th in 17:02. My Garmin measured it at 5.13km, 24 secs for those extra 130m which goes to show the toughness of this course was another factor. Stevenson ran 15;58 and I think he has run something like 67 for the Half this year . Clay dropped back (that cracker of a Mara was obviously still heavy in his legs) and finished 4th about 15secs in front of me. Young Patrick Hagan was 2nd. Care Geraghty was first lady in 18;27

Results here. 

In 2010 I think we ran the same course and I ran 17;20 and Mick ran 17;42 and Clare ran 18;00
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2011 race post here http://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/cool-night-classic.html
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Ipswich Times said...

In perhaps what will be seen as a career highlight ,Dave McSweeney , the global face and soul of Garmin, scored a remarkable age graded victory in the prestigious Cool Night Classic in Brisbane last night . Running against a team of highly paid professional road racers recruited by his arch nemesis the Robot from Ipswich, the Scotsman again won as he pleased and showed why he is one of the hottest properties in road racing today . Sources close to Al Stevenson a man with a 3:58.6 mile ( and 65.50 1/2 marathon)to his credit said he was shattered by the Scotsman's ability to hang on early and surge again at the end . "The man's a freak ," was Stevenson's off the record remark when he learned of the age graded disparity in their performances. " I feel like a crack in the cement compared to the Grand Canyon " .

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Top Cat - your still no1 in the world of real runners from your past!

Anonymous said...

Stevenson couldn't touch Sweeney with an age graded pole vault . Go the G Train !

David said...

It is really good to see Stevenson enjoying his running again the guy has truly reached the heights so to be getting out again on our local'fun' runs is motivational. Born in 1979 his PB's are;
800m 1:50.59 Brisbane (AUS) 07.03.2003
1500m 3:37.49 Melbourne (AUS) 12.02.2004
Mile 3:58.4h Wanganui (NZL) 22.01.2000
3000m 8:01.27 Canberra (AUS) 22.02.2003
3000m ind. 9:53.50 Lincoln (USA) 28.02.1998
5000m 13:47.49 Hobart (AUS) 06.01.2006
10 km Road 29:30 Burnie (AUS) 14.10.2001
Half Marathon 1:05:46 Brisbane (AUS) 01.07.2012

Ipswich Advertiser said...

Controversy was the order of the day following last night's Cool Night Classic in Brisbane's Botanic Gardens. New comer to Master's Athletics , former Aistralian 1500 champion , Al Stevenson showed he has much ground to make up if he is to bridge the gap with the top Masters's performers . In an obvious reference to Dave McSweeney , the global face and soul of Garmin, Stevenson was quick to distance himself from slurs that the Scotsman was not a 'real' runner owing to his cranial Garmin implant . " Look I know there's been a lot in the press lately about these implants , but as far as I'm concerned it's within the rules so that' s an end to the matter . All credit to Dave . The robot warned me about him but with that (expletive deleted) beard it's hard to take him seriously sometimes. But he was right on the money in regards Dave . The guys talented."
Stevenson's plans to run the New York Marathon as well as the prospect of being immortalised in Bronze in Ipswich Square have been thrown into disarray following this latest setback ." I challenge Dave to come to Ipswich next year for the 5k Park to Park. Dave's good on the flat and the implant means he doesn't run an inch further than he needs to , but I think he might struggle on the hills and I might reverse last night's debacle ." Ever the diplomat , Stevenson , says he'll better prepared next time and has sacked his support staff(believed to include Scott Britain and Clay Dawson ) and recruited Masters's newcomer and rising star Paul Shard to give him some fresh ideas and intelligence in how best to tackle the expatriate Scotsman ." Paul knows Dave and his experience will be crucial ."Stevenson twittered . Certainly the stage has been set for next years's Ipswich Park to Park and with Steve Monagetti down to run the 5k , the stage is set for one of the most highly anticipated Masters showdowns in recent (and not so recent times ) .A mouth watering prospect .

Confused said...

Are these Garmin implants for real ? Do you get a Medicare rebate ? How do you charge the battery ?

Anonymous said...


as Mr Sweeney is in need of extra spped and better times here is some help

Get a life said...

You charge the battery through an ear socket

Steve said...

You spell it Moneghetti. O.K Dave you're on ! Looking forward to it . Love the blog . Great comments .

ClayDawsonRunner said...

Great read as usual DS! Lovin' it....all controversy aside.