13 October 2013

QMA 3000 9:31.69

I got up at 5am it was 22 O C (74 O F) with a heavy grey sky and enough wind to move my golden palms which is unusual at that hour. Very humid conditions for running. A few spots of rain on the drive to SAF  but it held off. 3km warm up. A huge field of runners and walkers toed the line including King of the Roads M43 Dennis Fitzgerald who has run 8;56 this year.
I took off going through 200 in 33 and 400 in 69, I led through 800 in 2;24 and 1000 in 3;03. Next time I will definitely try and run a slow first K as there is no point tieing up in the 2nd K of a 3k race. Dennis went past me at this point and provided nothing for me to work off as he immediately gapped me pulling out 10secs.
I was happy to improve 5secs on my last outing and am confident that later in the season I could maybe improve another 10 secs. So 9;31 is the  3:10 pace I'd like to be able to hold for 5000.
We ran the 4km Peter's circuit warm down then we ran 4x 1500 with our team reprising the Australian /World Record holders from two years ago. Con, Phil, Peter and myself.
Conditions weren't great a very hot sun was breaking through those heavy grey clouds and the wind was picking up. I led our team out leading Dennis again for 800m before he flew past me and gapped me by 10 seconds again!
My unofficial split was 4;36 Dennis ran about 4;25. I am not sure about our team splits but Peter M59 ran 4;49 very classy as ever. Our team ran just under 20;00 which makes me wonder how we ever managed 18:37 two years ago?
North Lakes parkrun next week - will I manage a 4th 16;12 on the trot even running the course around the lake the reverse way?
Residents of Broad Hill Nursing Home on an outing

Australian M50 4 X 1500m Record holders

My hammock which I am increasingly fond of  spending hours dreaming of running fast and pain free!

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