18 October 2013

running naked?

Monday 14th Rest Day
Tuesday 15th 5.30am 10.6km 42;31 4;00 K's
Wed 16th 5.30am Nudgee 10 X 400m (110m jog recovery paused) 11;52 averaged around 72 and under.

It was good to get down the track and do a session before work. My form was pretty good through out the session, quite comfortable even managing a 67 last 400m without collapsing exhausted at the end (which is my normal condition).
The track is going to be closed for major refurbishment  from 1st November which of course is great news as the track surface in places is torn bubbled and dangerous - resurfacing is long long overdue. I will have to train at one of the local grass ovals for the rest of the Summer.

Thur 17th 5.30am 10.6km 43;21 4;06 K's
Fri 18th 5.30am 10.6km 42;49 4;03 K's

My early morning form has improved of late. Running 4;00min K's on Tuesday is almost unheard of. Perfect conditions cool 15-20 O C and high humidity 80%+ agrees with me. Still nursing a number of niggles but nothing getting out of control.

Tomorrow I will do the first anniversary North Lakes parkrun. We are running the course (lap around the lake) in reverse which I think is a slightly more uphill.

If I run 16;12 again I will run a lap naked (at 3.30am on a Public Holiday).

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