19 October 2013

North Lakes parkrun 16:09

Conditions were warm about 18 O C with some wind and as ever high humidity. I warmed up with 2.5km jog from home. This week marked the first anniversary of North Lakes parkrun.
I had promised myself to start easy but today as we were running the reverse way around the lake with a  very early sharp right left and I needed to start fast to go unhindered. I had young Steve Buchanon along for company on the first lap of three and what I found remarkably was how heavy my breathing appeared to be compared to his. I also felt my heart rate go sky high early on which is most uncomfortable but did not wear a monitor to record it. I think I ldid the first lap (1600'ish) in about 5;10 first Km was 3;05. I don't look at my watch when racing mainly because I can't read it anymore!! 52 year old eyes ain't what they used to be!
The second lap required a lot of overtaking and weaving from side to side, and the inclines seemed harder and longer this way around (clockwise). I think I ran through to two laps in 10;??
On the third lap I had somewhat resigned myself to not being able to improve on the 16;12 and lifted off the pace /coasted in sections. Very relieved to finish and stop my watch on 16;09
Phew ! pretty close to having to streak around the lake :-)
Warmed down with a lap with Steve and Greg Webster.
Greg finished third having been battling Achilles injury in recent months. He is M46 , an accomplished Masters performer and in his youth represented Australia in the World Cross Country Champs in 1986 in Switzerland (?) Juniors.
he grew up in Canberra and remembers racing Bruce Graham around the traps.

Dictated at Sk8Mania while Lily has a lesson! That's her in white tee on one leg!


Glasgow Gazzette said...

Dave Sweeney's league of female followers were bitterly disappointed for once when their Scottish heartthrob set yet another record . Sweeney , the global face of Garmin, had promised his fairer sex fans that had he run a scant 3 seconds slower he would have run his next race minus his Kilt and whatever else a Scotsman wears under it . However it is obvious Sweeney is once again on the rise and has announced via twitter that he plans something extra special for St. Andrews Day this year to make up for the disappointment felt by some fans .

Scott Brown said...

Hello David

Just catching up! Good to be reading again. Nice new look blog by the way.

Scott Brown

Anonymous said...

Nice Run David.
That's one way to break the sequence, by giving yourself a little extra motivation. Like the Glasgow Gazette reported, I'm sure there might be a few disappointed female fans that you won't be running around exposing your manhood.It seems like you are still on the rise and there may be a record or two in you yet. Keep up the good work.