21 October 2013

parkrun Global Age graded performance

Coming around towards the end of the first lap, I gapped young Steve Buchanan.

Near the end of the lap, young Steve Buchanan seems to have closed on me. 

33 year old Loughborough singlet (vest), I can still squeeze into it but looks like I have to give up the beers!!

Near the end of the second lap and I have done a lot of overtaking

Just about to finish (3rd lap) and I did get tangled up with the youngster in blue as I passed him. The pain and the strain were showing.

Sunday 3.00pm 29.2km 2;05;41  @ 4;18km's
Monday Rest

Sundays run was a tour through redneck country Narangba Dakabin and Kallangur. I only got hooted the once by a feral (presumably toothless) bozo but I am unlikely to run this particular loop again. There is no footpath and I spent time running in the road debris (glass and stones) as it mingles with the grass verge. There were also too many road junctions to run pass requiring slowing downs for traffic checks.

Monday Rest day - sore knees (tendinitis).

Saturday's parkrun performance saw me topping the Global parkrun age % performance ladder. Some 46,000 runners this week and my 92.78% was #1.
I was perhaps fortunate that lots of the top masters were competing in Brazil in the World Masters Athletics track and field championships.
Results are being posted  here
In my event the M50 5000m results showed strong competition for the medals (won by a local with two Brits taking 2nd and 3rd). 54 runners = quite some field even when split into 3 heats.

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Naked Runners World said...

Denied the oportunity to represent his native Scotland at the current world masters athletic championships by narrow minded British officialdom , Dave Mc Sweeney the global face of Garmin , scored a stunning victory to win the world championship of Park Runs taking on the best the world had to offer and winning as he pleased . Rumour is rife that McSweeney has now set his sights on the Nude Olympics after complaining bitterly about the restrictive nature of so called modern running garments . Seen by some as a cynical marketing ploy for his sponsors and by others as an honest attempt to test himself under all competitive conditions , there is no denying that McSweeney is one of the more colourful figures on an otherwise very drab world running stage .