16 November 2013

Crazy Horses

Another super hot and humid day in Brizzy today.
I managed to tip toe around Roo 5.7km in 4:18's though I thought I was travelling at about 5min K,s
Wanted to see where my left calf was at. First K was all good after that I felt some pulling/cramping? Steadily take hold. So I don't think I'm ready to start running again yet. Will be interested to see if there is much reaction following on. Have given it plenty of ice and will continue self massage. Don't think it can be a tear as I doubt I'd be able to run after just one week rest. It may only be cramping though it is located in an unusual spot. Don't think it is related to the lump on the inside of my shin bone now.


I'm not manic depressive said...

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Anonymous said...

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