05 November 2013

The G Train

Just some photos from Sandgate parkrun on 26th Oct.
Note my special 'lead out bike', checkout the water front beach shacks along the esplanade at Sandgate and if I'm looking relaxed in my changed white Tee shirt ,it is my warm down after the run.
The Red vest is a Salford Harriers vest from Lancashire UK. 
In 2008 or was it 2009 I was heading over to the UK on holiday planned to run the National Master Road Relay for my old running buddy Paul Simon's club. Unfortunately a stressie to the hip put paid to that plan! 


Ipswich Times said...

Ipswich Mayor ,Paul Pisale , was quick to jump aboard the GTrain bandwagon yesterday when he announced that he was making every effort to secure the presence of Dave Sweeney(or McSweeney as he now prefers ) for next year's Ipswich 5k Park to Park Fun Run . While Steve Monigetthii is already a confirmed starter , McSweeney is playing hard ball with organisers and negotiations are delicately poised with the Scotsman's Indian manager , Vijay Chandra , over appearance fees ." Steve has been great in the past ," commented Mayor Pisale , " but Dave has that X factor that attracts a younger audience . My daughters have got his posters plastered all over their bedroom walls, and my wife follows him on Twitter .Getting McSweeney to Ipswich would be a big boost to the local tourism Industry and lift spirits in aged care nursing facilities ." McSweeney is the official world champion of Park runs and is the global face of Garmin while Monnigehtti. has never lost a race in Ipswich where he has an immense personal following . A race between the pair would undoubtedly draw a world widow audience and promote cranial Garmin implants to a global market .


An exclusive on line poll of subscribers revealed that the runner they fantazised over most while running alone was the global face of Garmin , Scotsman Dave McSweeney . The results were consistent across all demographics from nursing home widows to teens . McSweeney has captured the public imagination with his pioneering cranial implants that have blurred the interface between man and technology and ushered in what has been dubbed by the press as the Garmin Age .McSweeney is happily married and his wife has stated that since her husband's controversial operation he has not strayed off course once . She knows via Garmin connect where her man is 24/7. She joked that the implants were Dave's chastity belt . McSweeney could not be contacted however a quick search of the Garmin website revealed the GTrain was in heavy training at his wilderness retreat for the prestigious Golden League 500 kilometre relay . Apparently Team Fitzgerald has scored an unprecedented coup in signing Mr. Garmin up in their team for an as yet undisclosed but substantial sum . McSweeney is somewhat of a relay specialist and it would not be a surprise if the Scotsman runs the entire relay with his fellow team members providing morale and logistical support only .

Steve said...

Yea he does look a bit like George Clooney .

Anonymous said...

Wow 500k relay ! Sounds tough ! How far are you running Dave ? Surely not the whole thing .?

David said...

Teams of 10 to 15 runners not sure how many in our team but I guess it could mean up to 50k over 3 days but I'm hoping to get old man allowances no downhills or overly long stints

Anonymous said...

Team Fitzgerald ? Surely Team Garmin !