16 November 2013

Crazy Horses



Lucutus of Borg said...

You know Dave , Doctor Chandra is a very strange guy .
He's very moody and a manic depressive . Once he sent me a postcard , it said " having a wonderful time . Wish I were dead ."

Borg Queen said...

Hey Dave why was the manic depressive shot skinned and eaten by Eskimos ?
He was a Bi-polar Bear !

1 of 13 said...

Dave it isn't funny being a manic depressive . We shouldn't laugh about it . I've been seeing my psychiatrist for years and I complained last week that I thought she had misdiagnosed me . I told her I was sure I was schizophrenic . She agreed and charged me double !

The robot said...

Sorry to read about your calf going Dave . All you can do is dust yourself off and get back on your bike and keep buggering on (KBO) . I'm sure it's only minor and won't derail the GTrain for too long . The Scottish are tough , that's for sure . We can't let the Federation beat us . I'll organise another global pray feist . Personally I blame Aaron Ramsey .