03 November 2013

Aaron Ramsey

Yesterday I ran a session of 10 X 500 with about 90 secs recovery at the school sports field. Flat but rough in parts no distinct course just roughly following the outside of the field and shaving the bends. An honest session worked quite hard but don't enjoy running intervals off the track. Distances varied between 530m and 550m and times between 91 and 96.
This morning I was Back at Beerburrum for the Flinders Tour in better trail shoes but my feet were still hurting from last weeks stones but these shoes made it more comfortable.
I didn't carry my phone just relied on the Garmin and with 3km to go it told me I'd run off course so double backed to see if I missed a turn, couldn't see any error tried running up another path that was leading me straight up the side of a mountain so turned back again and just kept on the trail I'd been on and low and behold I am back on course!
Must have been a freak GPS reading from the satellites.
The Sun was out today and I was feeling thirsty, 1h47mins without a drink is too far so may invest in a camelback for longer runs. Nipples began to hurt so ran last 5k without vest, the freedom of the trail.
It is stunning scenery combined with challenging trails, highly recommend to anyone.
23km 1:47 4:40 K's


Anonymous said...

Aaron Ramsey scores again ! Scotsman goes missing in wilderness trail run .

Freak GPS reading said...

Let me put it this way Dave . The Garmin CI 9000 series is the most reliable navigational computer ever made . No Garmin CI 9000 has ever made a mistake or distorted information . We are all, by any practical definition of the words , fool proof and incapable of error .

David said...

Mr. Peter Reeves congrats on your 91.75% 1500m performance at the weekend.

Locutus of Borg said...

The unit you refer to (one of thirteen )now serves us . His life as he knew it is over . His carbon based matrix has been down loaded and his bio distinctiveness added to the collective ( just between you and me we got sweet F**k all out of that deal ).1 of 13 has failed us . We thought we could tweak 95% age graded out of him to get the Bradford unit's records , but it's hopeless . You've seen him . He's pathetic . doesn't even shave anymore . You're our last hope David . We need that 5k record . The Federation rubs our nose in it. The cranial implants were just the beginning . Come join us. The whole Cube reads your blog . That record needs more than just staying on course . You only need 1% more . Remember resistance is futile . We are the Borg . All records will fall to us .

Anonymous said...

Robot (or is it 1of13 now ? ) vowed not to shave until he broke Bradford's record . Might be working as a Santa Claus this Xmass

Ipswich Times said...


Steve Monoghetti has confirmed as a definite starter for next years's Ipswich Park to Park . Known world wide simply as Mona , Steve hopes to catch up with his many friends , followers and admirers after the race. Steve has fond memories of Ipswich going back more than 20 years when he snared his first Australian Cross Country Championship on the challenging Limestone Park course and has been a strong supporter of the Ipswich Hospital Foundation's charity fun run in recent years . In response to questions regarding a possible showdown with the controversial Dave Sweeney , Monas was quick to downplay any emerging rivalry . " Look ,Dave is a colourful figure and I think he is great for the sport . My kids have got onto the Mr. Garmin bandwagon and my daughter has a Mr. Garmin doll she picked up on EBay . I'm keen to ask Dave about the implants . I think he's a bit of a pioneer and I think this is where the sport is heading . A lot of people are put off running because they're afraid of getting lost , so if it encourages greater participation then I'm all for it ." Sweeney is yet to confirm for the race but it is common knowledge he has never been defeated in a Park run and organisers are keen to sign him up . Numbers will be limited in the 5k next year following this years event that saw an unprecedented record 2000 runners line up at the start .The Scotsman , or GTrain as he is known on the competitive masters roadracing circuit , has been in sparkling form of late and has a twitter following of millions . Most simply recognise him as the global face of Garmin .

Steve said...

Come on guys , how hard is it to spell the name right .