02 June 2014

Parramatta parkrun 1st 16;22

On Friday I ran a tempo 10K on my Roo+Lake course. 
I reckon I have run it 2000+ times over the last 10 years. 
I ran my second fastest time ever! 
10.6km 38;22 ; 3.37K's
I was flat out as hard as I could go after about two or three K. 

I was a little disappointing about not being around in the evening to run a 10,000m on the track at the Q'Land Masters Champs as I was heading to Sydney to attend a wedding, leaving Friday arvo and returning Saturday evening. When I mentioned to the Mrs that there was a Parramatta parkrun (we were staying at ParkRoyal Parramatta) I did not expect to get an enthusiastic 'oh you must do it' (on the morning of the ceremony), so who was I to argue - other than I wouldn't have run flat out the day before if I was going to be 'racing' the following day!
In NSW they start their events at 8;00am which gave me plenty of time to find the place and warm up (brrr it was 14 O C!). The course was an 'out and back', following the river cycleway with a section of grass at the start/finish and two short inclines. At the start I got a little caught up behind some runners and didn't hit the front till 3 or 400m. I felt OK, not too stiff from Fridays effort. Slightly unnerving running a course you dont know but have checked on maps. The turnaround was actually around a small triangle of meeting pathways which I wasn't expecting. I worked hard but not absolutely flat out. I had a good lead and wasn't going to be beaten. Finished in 16;22 though I still have not got an official result as my bar scan must not have worked (I've emailed the organizers but heard nothing). The course ran 7 secs over 5k according to my Garmin which made it about the same as last week which was about 7 secs short according to Garmin.
I'm in good form, running at about 61/62kg which is light for me having cut my beers by about 98% over the last 2 or 3 months and dropping about 3kg.
May try my first duathlon (sprint distance) in two weeks time, then 10KM at Caloundra and at the GC.


Anonymous said...

Well run again Dave. It seems your friend the Robot, Peter Reeves has been missing in action from your blog lately.I have good word that he and he long lost brother were spotted cleaning up in the 60yr age category in the Doomben 10km race on the weekend taking 1st and 3rd place. What will it take to get him back placing his interesting comments on your blog.

He's back said...

Sanity prevailed today when organisers were forced to admit the worst kept secret in Australia which was that the 'unknown' runner who had led the Australian age graded park run rankings last weekend was none other than the Garmin Lama himself , David McSweeney and who subsequently denied rumours he had secretly wed his long time protege , Lusty Lucy , after the race on an impulsive whim following the demolishing of the best park runners on offer in Sydney . While not denying he had attended a wedding that day he has refused to neither confirm nor deny a story he maintains is nothing more than a mischievous distraction concocted by deranged sources aimed at unsettling him ahead of his ambitious but none the less realistic goal of an age graded win against arch rival Steve Monaghetti , slated as a possible starter in this year's 10k Gold Coast event .

Anonymous said...

GTrain versus Monna ! Awesome .

Anonymous said...

That will be an interesting match up David . How do you think you will go ? Your times must be close .

David said...

Monnas beat me by 4 minutes at the Jetty to Jetty a few years ago. If he is within site I'd consider it a victory! He ran 32;50 probably taking it easy last year, I'm hoping to run 34;xx if I run 33;xx I will be very happy!

David said...

if within 'sight'...

Jetty to Jetty 2010


Gold Coast M50's 2013 Monnas 32;58


Anonymous said...

Yes the xx factor always a bit of a bugger !
XX= 00 = good
XX=59 =not so good

Sure it will be closer than you think .

Games update said...

Word has leaked out that this year's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony could very well feature Glasgow's most favourite son and export , David McSweeney , known to millions world wide as Lord Garmin. The loveable Scotsmen , as well as being the world park running champion , is a talented musician in his own right with his signature flaming bagpipe's act being famous the world over , even on the Indian sub continent where he is known as the Garmin Lama . It has been widely speculated that he will join with close friend and rock legend Ozzy Osbourne to reform , not Black Sabath as expected , but a new incarnation of the legendary heavy metal group to be called Garmenatica . Osbourne has close connections as well to Glasgow through his maternal grandmother having been born there and Lord Garmin is keen to promote the city some say he turned his back on to find fame and fortune abroad . So well accepted is he now in his adopted homeland that he signs autographs under the pseudonym of Ozzy Garmin much to the delight of his countless fans in Australia .

The Robot said...

Hey Dave are the flashing Paramatta snap shots meant to give you motion sickness or is it just a clever ploy to scare off low flying pelicans ? Innovation is good and all that but your target audience is at an age where they get dizzy and disoriented at the drop of a hat mate . Maybe time for a good music video . Something in really poor taste . How about ABBA ? You haven't done a music video for 12 months . How about featuring your famous flaming bag pipes . Don't forget tomorrow that the 8k cross country record is pretty soft . More to life than just being world park run champion .

Go GTrain fan club said...

No need to take the revolving slide show down just because some disoriented geratric says it gives him motion sickness . He's a fossil who needs to move with the times . Revolving slide shows are the in thing just like cranial Garmin implants . You're a pioneer mate . Stuff the robot . Hope you smash him real good on age grading at GC 10k . Reckon you'll smash Monna as well . Heard he's coming back from injury . Go the GTrain .

The robot said...

Ahhhh ! My head is spinning . I can't take it . Stop it ! I'll let you win on age grading at GC 10k . Anything ! This is torture . Hey by the way Dave lucky you didn't do the 8k today . Tough course to break that so called soft record on ( only joking Ronnie) . Course was longer than usual . They heard the Garmin Lama might turn up so they installed more security fencing and added 200 metres to the course . Lot of disappointed fans and expatriate Scotsmen .