16 June 2014

2014 Moreton Bay Grand Prix - Duathlon

Results from the weekend 
- I've never before competed in a race where 4 Sweeney's took part or ever been beaten by another Sweeney!

15th in the Sprint and 24th in Long and first over 50 (only 5 old guys took part - there were 105 starters in the Sprint and 99 in the long.

Here's a screen shot of the two results; Sprint then Long;

The cycling weakness was shown up in the long course.

Francis is my set up wrong?

Yes Courtney I 'm as old as your father!

How do I hop on without losing a bollock?

The first Sweeny to ever beat Sweeney

Constantly had to change my line as I got overtaken to avoid drafting

Ladies before Gents, after you madam. I followed this lady for what seemed like the whole race, overtaking and being overtook, a real ding dong till the final run.
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Duathlon world news said...

Courtney Gilfillan , daughter of ex Australian steeplechase champion Robert Gilfillan and an outstanding ex school girl running champion turned triathlete received the thrill of a lifetime when she got to ride beside mega star heartthrob and international face of Garmin , David (Mc)Sweeney in a low key Duathlon event the GTrain was appearing in as a Goodwill ambassador for Garmin . A clearly overwhelmed Courtney said she couldn't believe it when she glanced across to see the affable Scotsman encouraging her to finish on as he peddled sedantly and signed autographs at the same time . I was too shy to ask for his autograph at the end but my Dad got him to sign my bike . What a thrill ! The man known as Mr. Garmin will now be turning his attention to the Gold Coast 10k next month where he hopes to cement his fame in eternity with an age graded win over whoever has the temerity to show up and challenge the Scotsman on what is close to his home turf .

Anonymous said...

Seat is too low .

David said...

Thanks Anon for comment on seat I can see it now when I look at the photos too low, perhaps that also explained the pain in my knees during and after the event. Any other observations?

Anonymous said...

Upgrade your tyres and maybe buy a proper racing bike to go with them . Was that a joke about being disqualified for drafting ? Just try to stay upright when they go blasting past you !

Anonymous's friend said...

One photo alone can be misleading,
however you do appear a bit cramped due to your seat being a bit low. This results in the 90 degree bend at the knee and the raised heal. For time trialling, there is usually a bit of a drop between your seat height and the front aero bars, yours seem similar.

You can see a whole variety of positions via the following photos of the 2014 Mooloolaba triathlon:


And the 2013 triathlon


What ever you do, don't take any notice of the Duathlon World press releases!

Lusty Lucy said...

Yes David the Pelican is right . Just ignore the detractors. You can park that old rusty bike of yours under my house when ever you want and come up and see me anytime . They are all jealous because of your mega stardom and Holiwood good looks . By the way you never mentioned anything to me about running with a cute little blonde or signing your autograph on her bike . You told me you were married . I'm not jealous David but if I catch you drafting on her again I'm going to show you a few mud wrestling moves that will make your eyes water .....

Lusty Lucy's ex said...


I have seen Lusty lucy in the flesh and in broad daylight. She ain't that lusty anymore. Back in her prime, I was under the influence of alcohol and it was a one stand anyway. She was desperate for a man and I just got caught in the crossfire.

Best you stay clear of her. You are happily married. Stay that way.

Triathlon World said...

Maybe one of these bikes will help. Sell all your Lusty Lucy dolls and upgrade. I am sure they will bring in enough money for, probably a second hand valve cap.


Lusty Lucy said...

Listen Robot stop handing out the free advice to David . You were never my ex. and from what I remember you were never sober enough to see broad daylight . David knows how to show a girl a good age graded time and he's promised me he's buying me a tandem cycle for Xmas with racing wheels and a crome bell and we're going riding together around the Roo plus lake And Francis he's not selling my doll and upgrading to that cute little blonde he drafted off last weekend . He may be old enough to be her father but he's got enough air in those lungs of his to blow my tyres up any day and you can keep your second hand tyre valve .

Cute Courtney said...

Yea I agree with the Pelican David . Your seat was way too low . I couldn't get a good look at your a$&e when I went flying past . Have you really got cranial Garmin implants ? Gee that's really cool . Where do I get a Mr. Garmin doll from ? And my Dad wants a Lusty Lucy doll .

The Borg said...

The Rocks Riverside age graded record is to be absorbed by the collective on the 28th of this month . It's biodistictiveness will be absorbed by the collective. It has been deemed to be inferior . It's absorption will serve as a warning to all others . We are the Borg . Resistance is futile . Join us David . You too can serve the collective . Soon we will be at the frontiers of North Lakes . Nothing can stop us . The Cameron unit now serves us . His new designation is 2 of 3 . He is fully integrated into our circuitry and is now serving the collective well . He is far more functional and serves the common good . All robotic , carbon based units and cybernetic life forms are invited to join us . We are the Borg . Resistance is futile . All records will fall to us.