21 June 2014

Sandgate parkrun 2nd 15;53

1500m warm up a few strides had a bit of stomach cramp which made me pensive about performance.
Said hello to Peter Bracken at the start, and we are off!
Initially get left checking my Garmin has started! Sprint to 2nd but can't overtake kid in lead! Kid turns out to be David Lean tall but looks about 15! Later find out we blast through first K in 3;02, settle into stride but have this feeling not going fast enough so try and overtake David but each time he pulls up level with me!
Dog walkers across the pathway have me screaming TRACK! Indignant looks as we scrape past.
This happens twice.
On the road beside us  large peletons of bike riders are finishing their long Saturday rides about to head for the nearest coffee shop / that isnt part of the runners culture is it?
At the turnaround David still leads me, my watch is on auto scroll so I miss the time but see 3:10 must be average K's "hey that's OK!"
We have a smaller gap on Peter and the others than I'm used to seeing / hey why am I feeling so bad? Why cant I get past this kid?
We run into the field coming at us spread across the path my attempts to overtake are again thwarted as we are forced to run single file. Again glance at the watch and it reads 18.6 kmph ? That's OK?? But still think we are going to slow but because of need to run Indian file behind David I resign myself to not getting sub 16!
As we get the bendy bit on the pathway I glance at my watch and it reads 15:00 wow surely I'm within a minute of the finish??
David pulls away slightly and I think about the 3second gap I let slip on young Alex a few weeks back and though I'm not inclined to 'race' him as such, I close back up and get to the finish line within a second of him.
I take a few minutes to recover before I check my watch for my time, wow did I really run that!
Happy to go sub 16 and achieve a soft season goal.
We are both given 15:53, for me worth a 94.3% age grading , my best ever!
Another perfect day Winter Solstice 2014




TokyoRacer said...

Terrific! That's a time you can do a bit of boasting about.

The contrite said...

Yes the Borg have been stopped in their tracks as Tokyo racer hints at and plans of expansion received a stark reality check not to venture too close to federation space any time soon. The Garmined unit has put the cubed menace to flight and can sit contentedly on his bepalmed paved patio drawing contentedly on a refreshingly sweet " eat humble pie" cocktail with just a hint of alcohol through his hollowed golden straw while telling his cybernetic tryhard opposition to suck on eggs . While the Garmined one was never one to fall prey to the sin of hubris nor rub the glistening metallic noses of his opposition in the tidal muds of Moreton Bay he may just allow himself the slightest hint of a smug smile at his detractors expense as he dons lycra , puts on his aerodynamically inefficient bike helmet , wheels out his trusty penny farthing racing bike and cycles off into a new golden dawn of heightened expectations capped at cycles end with a skimmed milk cappuccino with his manager the Pelican and his well strapped duathlon beak . They that sow the winds of the GTrain's fury reap the ensuring whirlwind . Cyclone 1553 .

Tom said...

Awesome run Dave! Looking fit and skinny.

The sensor said...

Awesome ! Come on Tom ! Get out the thesaurus . If that's the best you can come up with go post your inane comments somewhere else . This is the GTrain's blog . Lift your game mate . Go post on the Pelican's blog atop his light pole where he scavenges for fresh bait to push his Duathlon agenda onto unsuspecting mega stars like his Holiness the Garmined Lama . Tokyo Racer is skating on very thin oriental ice as well . Only the superfluous suffices in saluting the Sweeney .