14 June 2014

Keith is back and Pete is flying.

Seems like quite some time since we've seen Keith Bateman racing but I noticed last week he ran parkrun in an outrageous 16;27 - probably taking it easy on what looked like a hilly course for a 95.85% age grading. Fabulous running!
Today I note that Pete has checked out why I run at Sandgate. He's only gone and smashed my age grade record running 17;11 for 93.31% - in my back yard the cheeky so and so! He has topped the Australian Age Grade ladder this week by a whopping 7%! Congrats Champ!
Meantime I did my first duathlon at Kuwongba's Lakeside Raceway. What an effort! A really lumpy circuit and my cycling was pedestrian. I get too much pain around both knees (tendonitis) and just cant rotate. At least I gave it a go. Got chicked! 
Not sure about my results but will post when I get them. You can check the strava activity or the garmin activity is probably easier to see the run cycle run and then the run cycle run cycle run.

Team Reeves pacing Pete to Age % Record, sponsored by Ipswich Education Superannuation fund (Belly and?)

The Master now sports a genuine Heisenberg goatee!
The Master now sports  a genuine Heisenberg goatee!

Keith battles no competition stray dogs hills and still runs 95% !
This one is for Pete;
One of my all time favorites.


Sandgate Gazette said...

Even in his absence the shadow of Lord Garmin cast a heavy pall over proceedings at Sandgte park run today. While the international face of Garmin was supporting a worthy and charitable cycling cause his two protégés were doing battle as to who would win a coveted and signed Mr Garmin doll that had been donated by the affable Scotsman to be awarded to the age graded winner on the day . Fellow Scotsman Ian Cameron , recently arrived in town to be closer to his kinsman and fellow bag pipe enthusiast , was keen to add the doll to his comprehensive array of Mr.Garmin memorabilia . However the real drama ensued at the presentation when it was ruled that the robot had been disqualified for blatantly being paced by far younger runners who had been handsomely remunerated for their efforts . Such pacing is clearly against the spirit of park running and it should be pointed out that Lord Garmin has never employed such underhanded tactics. Ian Cameron (92.7% age grading ) accepted his doll graciously and in his acceptance speech said he drew much inspiration from his fellow Scotsman , David McSweeney and said reading the Mr. Garmin Story had turned his career around and he was honoured he now ranks only behind his hero on the pantheon of age graded runners at Sandgate . His ambition is to met and shake the hand of his boyhood idol and share tales of their boyhood growing up in the back alleys of Glasgow .

Beyond the fringe said...

For those who missed reading Play Boy Gold edition this month Dave featured in an indepth interview to publlize his upcoming race at the Gold Coast Marathon 10k run next month that doubles as the unofficial world age grading championship of the universe and where he is not only a priority seeded runner ( a staggering achievement for a man well over 50 years of age ) but also the feature draw card , being as he is the international face of Garmin . Due to copy right restrictions , only selected extracts can be reproduced by this correspondent who , none the less , will do his best to select those passages that Dave's massive running audience would most appreciate , keeping in mind that fan base encompasses to the most far flung outposts of civilisation and even beyond. For those interested in cheap thrills and juvenile tintillation check out the centre fold spread of Lusty Lucy , Dave's so called "friend", whom he has denied secretly marrying this month in a civil ceremony following a triumphant tour of Southern park runs in search of his nemesis Keith Bateman who was as illusive as the GTrain was brilliant . Watch this blog for insightful extracts that will shine a light into the colourful world of this exciting sportsman who has made Garmin the navigational watch of choice for the discriminating mega rich and famous not to mention the poor illiterate farmers of the Punjab whose yearly salary would fail to purchase even a base model Garmin . Still they find a way to stay connected to the man they worship as a reincarnated Buddha , their very own Garmin Lama .