22 June 2014

Caloundra Foreshore 10km 1st 33;36

I have raced this 4 times previously, 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 'got lost' last time I ran it in 2010!
It mostly  hugs the foreshore pathway from Golden to Moffat Beach. There are a few sections where your out on the road . Mostly cement path but some boardwalk and some paving stone sections (dangerously slippy when wet like today). Towards the finish the course rises over a couple of headlands short sharp killer hills!
Up at 5.00am for 7th day in a row and out the door at 5.30 for the hours drive to Golden Beach. 2km warm up and feeling yesterdays run in my legs. 
No sign of Jacko, Clay (going to run sub 2;30 on the Goldie) or Hintsa or any of the usual suspects that take the honours - I may just have a chance! 
We used to start on the pathway but in the few years since I've competed they have closed off the road and had us spread out across it = much better!
Slight false start and I'm having kittens trying to check if I paused and unpaused correctly and am recording the run! I hear it beep at 1km -  it must be working ;-)
So me and a young lad from Pacific Athletic Club - didn't know at the time it was Bryan McManus a medicine student in his last year at uni. At about 3k he starts to gap me and I think that's ok I'm not going to bust a gut in this race and I'm actually in overall 2nd place (wow that's $200!). At 4k I'm back with him and I think he lets me lead (to do some of the work - tactically). I hear his footfall and then it starts getting distant and then I cant hear it! I'm clear in the lead at 5km - I'm only going to win this race overall ($500!!). I ran consistently always asking the volunteers to confirm directions (I did get lost remember), I cant hear any cheering for 2nd place (I never look round), this is as comfortable as it gets!
The tough rises knock the stuffing out of me towards the finish but I am happy to run comfortably across the line in 33;29 (most watches had the distance 100/150m short).
Bryan was second in about 34;10.
The ladies race really did have some class. 
Cassie Fine beat Clair Geraghty.

At 52 years of age I know these wins will be fewer and fewer so I must savour the sweetness of victory what a way to cap to an awesome/terrific weekend!!

2006 2nd 34;49
2007 1st 34;22
2008 3rd 32;58
2010 DNF
2014 1st 33;36


Nigel from Osaka said...

That was a really good run David .

School of the blind said...

As words have failed this correspondent in regards the GTrain's latest performance it has been left to Professor Thistlewaite of the school for the blind for it to be recorded for posterity in brail for those visually impaired followers of the GTrain who are deprived reading of their hero's exploits due to their being blind (obviously) . This is for them . Savour and enjoy .

... .. .. .. ... ... .. .... ..... .. ... ..... .... .. . .... .... ... .... ... .. ... ..... ..... .. .... .... .. ... .... ..... .. ... .. . .. ... .... ... .... ... ... ...... .. .... .. ..... .... ... . . ..... ..... .. .. .. ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... ... .... .... .... ...... ..... ... ... . .. ...... ..... .... .... .... ...... ...... ..... .... ...... ...... .. .... ...
.... ...... ..... ...... ........ .... ...... ...... ... ... ........ .. . ... . ........ .... ... .... ... .... ...... ..... .... ....... .... ........ .... .......... ... .... ..... ...... ....... ... ... .. ........ .... ... ... . ..

SBx said...

Great weekend David. Congrats.

A critic said...

Yes I think Thistlewaite has captured the essence of the performance to perfection without falling prey to the superficial hyperbola of certain cybernetic life forms nor does he resort to nauseating and obscure science fiction themes . His analysis is professional rather than emotive and clinical without resorting to sentimentality . It certainly has lifted the tone of this blog which faced the genuine possibility of being little more than so much cheap advertising for certain unnamed navigational devices . It's certainly to be hoped that Thisthlwaite continues to bring his unique literary style more often to the attention of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of GTrain followers who wait with eager breath ( or clutching white canes ) to follow the journey of their indomitable Scottish hero who makes the extraordinary predictable and the sublime routine .

Anonymous said...

94% age grading at 5k followed by 93% age grading on 10k the next day . What's so great about that SBx ? Don't you follow this blog regularly . Just a day at the office for the GTrain . Now to smash em good at Gold Coast especially that deluded cybernetic misfit . Smoke him good and shut him up .

Professor Thisthlewaite said...

The running world woke stunned to the news this morning that David McSweeney , alias the GTrain , has had his government temporary protection visa revoked overnight owing to undisclosed income of $500 not being declared to the Australian Tax Office . What was little more than a clerical oversight promises to erupt into a major international incident if saner counsel does not quickly prevail . The man known in India as the Garmin Lama faces the very real prospect of being deported to Manus Island Detention Centre if public support cannot sway the Abbott Government from endorsing what many describe as another political blooper and own goal of monumental proportions . If not reversed then it is possible the GTrain may have entertained crowds in his adopted homeland for the last time . To rally public support Professor Thisthlewaite has announced via braille this morning that a special run has been organised at the Rocks Riverside park run for this Saturday where it is hoped a strong display of public support and signing of petitions may send a clear message to Minister Morrison not to mess about with our superhero . A large crowd is expected but Thistlewaite was keen to implore younger Garminites to attend rather than the stale old rent a field of geratric and feathered misfits who typically turn up in the hope of posing with the man now an officially sanctioned world heritage listed megastar . As the man himself has gone into hiding and only images of his hands have been released to prevent his hideout being traced by ASIO , Madame Tussards has kindly denoted their prized wax effigy of the GTrain for loan on the day for fans to pose beside . This is keenly appreciated as the effigy does not sport the disfiguring mouth ulcers nor the skeletal frame now linked to exposure to the toxic wastes the Scotsman was exposed to at his recent Minnippi park run age graded triumph . So all are implored to turn up on the day and run in the " Let's Keep Him Downunder " park run at the Rocks . Donations will be accepted on the day to help fund the expected High Court challenge so give according to your income or devotion , which ever is the greater . Lets all , " get out for the GTrain " as Thistlewaite so elegantly put it in Braille this morning.

Manus Island Gazette said...

Spirits soared on Manus Island Detention Centre today when news filtered through that the man known as the GTrain may soon be incarcerated on that remote and malaria plagued island with his league of fans who attempted to trace their hero's remarkable voyage by illegal refugee boat that floundered in the East Timor Sea. The Scotsman's survival against disparaging and seemingly hopeless odds gave many the courage to be inspired to follow in the footsteps of that remarkable journey . Some see this shortsighted attempt to deport McSweeney as little more than the Government's determination to turn back the boats at all cost and in so doing may inadvertently turn this remarkable man into a martyr more than the hero he has already become .

Lusty Lucy said...

As you guys all know David has had to go into hiding to avoid deportation back to Manus Island . We need everybody to turn out at the Rocks Riverside park run this Saturday to send a clear message to Abbott and his cronnies not to mess with our super hero . David would be there himself except the place is going to be crawling with immigration officials and ASIO goons . But he needs all of your support . Time to repay the love . So get out and run and sign those petitions . Sign them two or three times using bogus names . Nobody ever checks . So come on Sroopey we know you're out there . Come on Pelican and PB bring your stroller . Ronnie if your still out there . Barry how about putting some pressure on your toffee nosed boss to pressure his good mate Abbott to grant a permanent residency visa . ( I know you didn't mean what you said about me .) David will put $500 towards an application if that would get the ball rolling . And don't forget Olga . We need Tokyo Racer and SBx to front up as well . Time for them to step up finally to the plate and show they are more than superficial one line specialists on your blog . And Anonymous-is . Where are all of you guys . Wear a mask on the day if anonymity is your thing but turn up . We'll even put up with that silicon misfit the robot . Plus all you little people out there whose miserable deprived lives have been enriched by the GTrain experience . Let's all get out there and send Canberra a clear message . So No to deportation . Say Yes to permanent residency . Stand up for David's rights and give generously in donations on the day .

Nigel said...

Count me in Lucy

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll be there for sure .