20 June 2014

Racing Seb

I think the anti inflammatory drugs have the side affect of giving me  horrendous mouth ulcers - does anyone else suffer this? I have stopped taking them this week and am now suffering with sore knees. I look positively geriatric when I am walking downstairs to the point that I'm almost embarrassed by my laboured steps. At home I walk down backwards!
I have to find a balance between the anti inflams /knee pain or mouth ulcers.

Saying that I have had a good weeks training.

21K on Sunday at 4;07 with all the aches and pains of the duathlons still in the legs. 
A 15K 4;00 lunchtime run on Tuesday - with a very fast return portion.
A 5 X 1km 'round the houses' road session yesterday morning (when it is so hard to get going). 
Fitness wise, I'm in good shape. 
I'm just over 60kg with a huge reduction in beer intake (I didn't even have a beer to watch the State of Origin [drown my sorrows!}). It wont be long before I'm sub 60kg and I cant ever remember being that in my adult life!
I may give Sandgate a burl on Saturday and Caloundra on Sunday (it is not a PB course). Less than 3 weeks to the Gold Coast (10km) which is the goal race.

My buddie Stu Moore (8) in his Cambridge 'Blue' chasing Seb (in African Violet) at the Palace.
Probably the British Universities Champs about 1980.

My buddie Jimmy Espir (9) leading Seb (early 80's)

This morning I got out on the bike (raised the saddle!) for 20km on very wet roads, then this afternoon I ran 15km along the river in 4;05's.


The Pelican said...

Horrendous mouth ulcers ? No Dave . But my beak does flap about a bit on a windy day and you lose the odd Herring . Looks like you're on target for a big one at GC . I predict 93.6% age grading . You'll smash the Robot . He's all wires and short fuses .

The robot said...

Advertising Enduro ! Can't talk for mega salary Barry but I got sweet FA mate . You got a few Mr. Garmin and matching Lusty Lucy dolls I could flog off at the local fete? They'd sell like hot cakes out this way . Forget my chances of an upset at the GC 10 k . That training scared Monna off . He's out . You may have got a seeded start but I got fined last year for impersonating an athlete on the front grid and have to start a hundred metres back this year next to the 50 minute balloon as a penance .