17 October 2015

10x800 with 60secs > 2:39

I had a rest day Monday following a mammoth weekend, and my legs were smashed from Maleny. Recovery runs Tues Wed.
Thursday; Track:
Windy early on and 500 Nudgee boys doing athletics to contend with on the track. Long warm up and into it. Same session distance wise as last week's s miles but I prefer slightly less distance in my intervals. Worked hard for roughly comparable session run with Mike last week. Had the Garmin running continuous and just hit the lap button. I'm not too anal about recovery but generally want to keep it short but noticed I'd crept up to 71 on # 6 or 7 so consciously attempted to bring it down, and managed OK with 50/55 for last 4.
Track was deserted by the time I'd finished , just the way I like it.
Currently about 2kg overweight due to Mike Trees encouragement to drink beer in Japanese business men quantities!
Managed to get the heart rate up to 186bpm!


Anonymous said...

Solid session Dave, shaping up well for Japan - however just so we all know our place (and the benefits of shot put x training) one R Peters ran 02:43:57, age grade 95%+?? at melb marathon today. If u read this Ron congrats on a awesome run.
Nothing more to say really.
Dave S

Lama News said...

It was an excited , even euphoric David McSweeney , the man universally dubbed the Garmin Lama who was prolific in his praise of mentor Ron Peters following the great man's outstanding record breaking run in this year's Melbourne Marathon . " It was great to see Ronnie back to his best , " effused the man recently awarded the honorific title of Godfarther of Queensland park running , " and I'm equally excited ," he continued , " for my Godson Peter Bracken , as It's been a big concern for me that Bracko has no suitable role model to emulate in his quest to scale those treacherous and somewhat hazardous heights that can be marathon running . My example can only take him so far . I sent him to Toronto with Lusty Lucy as chaperone and with my blessing he naturally smashed out a big PB over 10k but he had my example to follow as I'm a specialist at that distance . But as I tell Bracko I can't run every distance to inspire him . So I've set him to follow Ron's example to match his time . We've selected the bigger stage of New York to do it . The bigger the stage the bigger the accolades . He knows the time to beat and he has the splits . Now it's up to him . I think he can do it ." When asked what he thought was his Godson's toughest hurdle to overcome the GL paused and reflected and choosing his words carefully he elaborated . " Bracko's biggest challenge may be the bright lights of the Big Apple . Like me he has a magnetic personality that women find irresistible and he needs to not be distracted till after the race . I should be there with him but I have these racing and media commitments in Japan but at least we'll be in the same hemisphere together . I just hope my own performance doesn't overshadow his , so I'd ask you people in the media to give him a fair go . It's hard living in the shadow of a great Godfather but I think this Marathon could be the making of Bracko . He thrives under pressure so all I can say now is , Go Bracko and go you good thing !"