14 October 2015

Maleny Mountain View Challenge Half 2nd 80;07

I wanted to show Mike Trees and his son Tommy and mate Oscar some of Country Australia so I entered them in the Mountain View 10km as a team whilst I ran the Half.
I was hoping for an easy outing where I could cruise this mountainous Half but unfortunately a former triathlete by the name of Todd Spackman also entered. Slightly different course this year no lap around the showground, straight out onto the hills of Maleny, Up and Down! I realised on the first hill that my legs were still wearing yesterdays 3000/1500 efforts as Todd gapped me on the ups but I was able to catch him on the descents and flats.
It was not going to be a comfortable outing and I worked hard to stay with him but eventually at 8km a climb saw me drop back and not able to recover back the ground as he put in 10 to 20 seconds on me. On the way back I saw him stop and walk twice but I still couldn't get back level as both the climbs and the downhills were causing me as much pain. Happy enough to roll in second in just over 80minutes. Last year when we were accidently sent around the showground for a second time, I ran 82 minutes for the 22.1km.
Mike and Tommy managed a joint win (for the first time - how cool would it be to run across the line in an open  race with your son!) Oscar finished 9th and team Trees won the team prize, so we cleared over $500 between us!
We stopped off in Maleny for coffee, I had the local double cream apple turnover - exquisite regardless of the calorie count!
Here's the elevation profile for my Half

the first 3 in the 10km Mikey Tommy and Satoshi

love the country atmosphere at Maleny

Mike and Tommy crossing the line together

First team Mike , Tommy and Oscar - Trees Anclffe will appear on the perpetual trophy

Here is my run on Garmin;


coach dion said...

Well run

North Lakes News said...

In a moving ceremony at North Lakes Lagoon today David McSweeney , more well known by his stage name the Garmin Lama , officially adopted as his Godson Peter ( Bracko) Bracken . " I felt it was the right thing to do , " explained a clearly emotionally McSweeney . " I could never have had that age graded win over Treesy if Bracko hadn't selflessly paced me that last 100 metres throwing away a certain bronze medal . It's the sort of selfless gesture I would have done at his age . I was just so proud of him . He's been like a son to me these last few years always on hand to help pace me and keep my adoring fans in check . Treesy had his son pacing him so I thought why not adopt Bracko as my Godson to help balance the ledger and to show him my appreciation . " When asked if he would consider himself now the Godfather of Queensland park running the man known fondly as the GL said with a cheeky smile it was an offer he may find hard to refuse .