09 October 2015

5x1600 rolling 7 mins, 5;19, 5;19, 5;19, 5;14, 5;09

Mike Trees arrived from Tokyo on his way to Auckland NZ staying for a week at ours. Not seen him since 1983 when I left Loughborough.
Great opportunity to train and get his philosophy on running as a 53/54 year old Master.
We headed off to Nudgee for my first track session in months. I made Mike lead the reps so I could try and find my track legs.
5x1600m on a rolling 7 minutes is a tough old session to open with! Warm conditions but not too windy, Mike seemed to have exceptional pace judgement as we both worked hard. Mike asked me to lead out the last rep and I managed to gap him on 3rd lap but he one tenacious dude and he managed to come back level at the finish. A finishing line wretch, let me know I worked myself real hard.

Here are the splits;

Heart rate up to 178 bpm.

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