09 October 2015

6x600 rolling 3minutes; 1;49, 1;48, 1;49, 1;48, 1;49, 1;46,

After drinking enough beer over the last two days to fill Moreton Bay we headed back out to Nudgee, this time with Mikes son Tommy and his buddy Oscar - fresh off the plane from the UK enroute to a years Triathlon training camp in Auckland.
Very windy conditions and a lactate session like this, again had me hiding behind Mike and Tommy for a tow. I coped well but Mike was dropping me by a second on reps 4/5/6.
This was Mikes Pre Race session, not too physically demanding but enough to give the body some race pace conditioning.
My heart rate hit maximum at 180 bpm and I was as drunk as a skunk on lactate acid by the end of the session.
Maxed bpm 180

We are racing Masters 3000m on Saturday at State Athletic Facility.

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I'm a lumberjack said...

It was a chastened and somewhat wiser Michael ( Mike) Trees who thought he could come and rain on the Garmin Lama's home parade which took the form in this case of a 3k track race on the Scotsman very favourite Tartan track at QE2 . Billed as a clash 36 years in the making , these two Titans of the sport were finally pitted against each other in a winner take all age graded clash to determine bragging rights for the next 30 years . Trees had certainly left no stone unturned bringing with him to the Antipodes what's euphemistically termed Team Trees . Professional Pacers and his own film crew . He was even trialling a new sports drink from Mother . Sanctioned by the Vatican it's labelled and marketed as the Mother Treesa . Trees had calculated to the precise milli second what his winning margin would need to be to ensure that crucial age graded win which defines all master's competitions . Being considerably younger , a win across the line would hold no credibility in the ruthless forum of age graded master's competition . With this in mind the large crowd who turned up to cheer their heroes on were surprised when the Garmin Lama took over from the professional pacer and led the race with only 2 of the 7 plus laps left to run . Trees sensing the danger sprang to life and started to open up those precious yards he needed to put between him and his older adversary . With a 100 metres to run the gap was all that was needed to satisfy the ruthless age grading computer . It seemed courage , determination and a never say die attitude would not save the aged warrior known fondly as the GL from his youthful nemesis . But then there occurred one of this pivotal moments that transcend sport and appeal to the most noble extincts of Man . This of course is self sacrifice . A willingness to help one's mate . The quality that defines what it is to be an Australian . Lurking in the chasing pack was Peter ( Bracko ) Braken a staunch follower of the Garmin Lama . Seeing his hero faltering he tossed aside an almost certain bronze medal to race beside his aged hero to pace him those last crucial metres when mateship replaces self preservation . But would it be enough ? The judges seemed to deliberate for hours . The Trees camp protested that Bracko had blatantly paced his mentor and both should be disqualified . The protest thankfully thrown out . Finally the result was posted on the Stadium scoreboard . David McSweeney first and Michael Trees runner up . The crowd roared its approval . From there the contest was all over . The GL posting a faster 1500 split in an all conquering relay team . With 2 wins from a possible 3 events the weight throw was declared a dead rubber . Once again the GL had prevailed . Another glorious chapter in the fairy tale which is the Mr. Garmin story written .