09 October 2015

Petrie parkrun 1st 16;47

The inaugural Petrie parkrun started from the appropriately eponymous Sweeney Reserve. An out an back course over undulating cement pathways. A huge field over 400 for the first event including all my the Masters gang, Colin, Dave, Peter, Phil, Paul and Jenny, Anne and Sean Ryan , Jim Wagstaff, Robbie Lofthouse  ( Belly ,Scroopy, Reevesy,  Phil and  Shardy)
Peter Bracken,  Peter Run, Anne Ryan and Clare Geraghty were amongst other parkun royalty and Aidan Hobbs now back in Brisbane and making a welcome return to the sport.
Bracko goes flying off at the start and despite two hills in the first K we run through in 3;15 and my lack of interval training exposing my low tolerance to lactic acid I was swimming in a sea of acid with a heart rate rocketing to very uncomfortable levels. Bracko gaps me a little and we go though the 2nd K in 3;18. I was hanging on and came back towards the 2.5km turnaround. Into the lead I tried to stay comfortable knowing the return was going to be equally uncomfortable with the hills likely to expose further lack of condition. We run into a sea of runners heading out. Two close call near head on crashes slightly impede progress. I hang on to take the win in 16;47 from Peter Run and Bracko.
Clare close behind them.
Warmed down with Brack Peter Run and Clare heading back over the course. Along the pathway we come across a Kola bear walking across the path with her baby on her back, the cutest picture you can imagine, I warn runners to just take care passing her, They really made my day.

Not my photo but get the picture
After the run we headed over to Belly's Queenslander on two acres along the Dayboro Rd.
A magnificent house and a wonderful setting for a delicious breakfast.
Reevesy brought along a shot put and discus for further hilarity but I had to make it home before the actual competition.

On line results here

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