30 October 2011

3000m 9m29.76

Sat 8.00am Nathan 3000m  9m29.76

Attending the API property conference dinner Friday (Late night and lots of booze) was not ideal preparation for running masters early Saturday morning but I'm still glad I finally got to race a 3000m as a 50 year old.
Conditions were OK, not much breeze, cloud cover, warm 22 O C but humid as ever. Started well but maybe  a touch too fast for the first K was about 3m06, it is the 2nd K that is always the toughie and I must have run it in around 3m12 , bringing it home in 3m11 for 9m29.7. 
I feel the need to race myself into form and in the right race with the right preparation hope to run sub 9m19.
In fact my 16m08.41 a fortnight ago is worth a 9m10 on the same age grade % and 9m17 based on the equivalent VO2 max  see this web site. Or perhaps I am better suited to 5 than 3 as my speed ebbs away but my stamina endures.

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