08 October 2011

washed out!

i was up at 5am to properly wake myself up for my first race as a 50 year old. Masters @ SAF Nathan, a 3000m at 8.00am, left the house for the drive down wearing sunnies but sky was getting darker and befkre the Gateway Bridge the rain had started! Warmed up with 4k in the rain but as the thunder and lightning increased so did the wind and at start time a full own storm was turning thr track into a pool with the wind knocking over wheelie bins and obviously preventing set up.
Nat was doing a pump class at 9.30 and I needed to be home so I pulled the pin at 8.10am.
I got out to Nudgee this arvo, remarkably the weather had completely turned around and it was hot (humid) and sunny!slight wind but not like last weekend.
Ran 3000m,2000m,1000m with 400m jog recovery:
9:31.98 168bpm
6:29.97 172bpm
3:07.26 168bpm

Conditions were too warm for a long interval session, either that or old age is getting to me!

Here are my predictions for the RWC Quarters about to kick off;

Hope you enjoy the games, I certainly will.


SBx said...

That's pretty good training form David. Good luck with the racing

kevin f forde said...

Sorry your race got the kybosh,just as sorry Ireland didn't make the RWC semis....bloody taffs!!!!