04 October 2011

Twenty Years

Sun 3 X 2000m @ Nudgee 400m Jog recovery
Mon 5.33am 10.53km 46m48  4m27 K's
Tues 5.24am  10.57km 44m01 4m10 K's

Sunday at Nudgee, very windy BOM said 20kmph wind speed gusting 50kmph (worth at least 10secs per 2K)
#1. 3m11.94 155bpm 3m17.19 167bpm = 6m29.15 161bpm
#2. 3m13.45 159bpm 3m17.23 171bpm = 6m30.44 165bpm
#3. 3m08.53 163bpm 3m14.16 175bpm = 6m22.69 169bpm

I have been married to the beautiful Mrs for TWENTY years today, along with our children, my proudest achievement.

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kevin f forde said...

Congrats on 20 years of marriage and your four children