13 October 2011


Tue 5.37am 10.60km Roo+Lake 44m46  4m13 K's
Wed 5.42am 10.60km Roo+Lake 43m44
Thu 5.39am 10.56km Roo+Lake 44m08 4m11 K's
I really should try and add some variety but at the moment I feel like I am still just holding it all together.
PF in right foot is an issue, knee and hip are acceptable/ok.
So just steady running and a race or track session a week.
This morning was really humid and may need to swap from tee to singlet pretty soon -  was wearing long sleeves only last week -  Summer is settling in.

Tearin' off tights with my teeth

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kevin f forde said...

Funny you should mention swapping running tshirt to singlet,I'm in the opposite mode having just traded out my sleeveless running shirts for tshirts and also dusting off the longsleeve shirts and 3/4 lenght warm ups