24 October 2011

Wild Horse Mountain

Well I chose the wrong option on Sunday, had a lie in, gave Masters a miss and headed up to the Uni of Southern Queensland at Sippy Downs in the arvo. Magnificient sporting facilities there but sadly very under utilised. That goes for the track and the meet! I entered the 3000m last event of the day, did a warm up in the grounds of the uni and got back to the track and noted how few athletes were around . Did a few strides and still no sign of other runners and no starter or timekeepers! They had decided to cancel the event as I was the only entry! Wish they'd have told me and even given me the choice of running by myself! 
Hey ho my debut as a 50yo 3000m runner can wait another week.
I pulled into Wild Horse Mountain on the way back and did a hill session.
The track to the top from the gate on the pathway is signed as 700m but my Garmin had it at 665m, with the climb aprox 75m according Garmin. Doesn't sound much but it is a real killer 3m50sec for the first rep so you can tell just how hard it was! I wish I had my heart monitor on as the BPM would have been off the scale! The hill has a real nasty kick at the 2/3 mark, jogged back down in 4m10 and back into it for 3m46sec of agony and had just enough left to finish another in 3m42.
It worked parts I dont normally touch so quite a bit of pain today and could only hobble around 10.6km Roo+Lake in 46m30.
I intend to put in a mid week session and increase the K's but that will have to wait another day till I'm properly recovered from Sunday.


Scott Lawrence said...

That does sound annoying David - a cancelled race.

For once, I am one step in front of you - my first race as an M50 was last Saturday - 4:32 1500m. Rob S ran 15:40 and 4:12 an hour later. Good that we are out of his age category for the next 4 years!

Cheers. S

TokyoRacer said...

I guess somehow the word got around that you would be there...and the others turned tail.

Bellthorpe said...

I'm surprised they cancelled. That's my club, and I've often been the only runner who's not a teenager, in a field of perhaps three.