17 December 2011

1500m 4m22.15 91.98% Age Grade

Thur 6.00pm 42m04 Roo+lake 10.58km  3m59 K's
Fri 5.31am 45m05 Roo+Lake 10.51km 4m17 K's

Sat 9.45am QE11 Nathan 1500m 4m22.15

Not worried about the heat today, it was only 25.4C/77.7F, or the humidity at just 45%, but the wind certainly affected conditions 13kph from the SE gusting 24kph.
I set off at 48 for 300m, 1m58 for 700m 3m11 for 1100m and 4m22.15 for 1500m
I wanted to get a performance in for 2011 World Rankings and that time will slot me into 12th place in the current lists ( that will go down as the compiler completes the analysis of the years results).
I am happy with 4m22 as it is only 4 secs off my best Masters performance and according to Queensland Masters Age % performance 91.98% is my best ever performance in any distance!. I do actually find that hard to reconcile as 15m55 is a far better performance in my eyes but only merits just under 91% (according to QMA).
The wind was the  real killer and I will run under 4m20 in calm conditions.
I take my hat off to Peter Reeves (58) who caned me in the Age % by running a World Class 4m34 which is 94.19% !

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