03 December 2011

3000m 9:23.59 Australian 4x1500m M50-59 18m37.91

Very windy, 13kpm gusting 26kpm , it was cool when I got up just 16C in the city but by race start it had climbed to 23C, was tempted to give the 3000m a miss and concentrate on 4x1500,
but gave it a go anyhow.just too tough with the wind and ran 9m23.
90mins later I started off the relay, ran 68, 2.22,3.36,4.32.
Con,Phil and Pete all ran blinders in really tough conditions. Our time beat the Australian listed record by 4secs and the 'listed' World Record by about 30secs. I think we could shave another 20secs in calm conditions.4x1500m is no longer kept as a currently listed 'record'.
It was really nice to be part of a team doing something together worthwhile as so much of our sport is run as individuals.

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Scott Lawrence said...

Absolutely agree Dave. It's great to be part of a genuine team achievement - as you note, somewhat unusual in our sport. Well done lads!