12 December 2011

8 X 400m @ 67.04

Sat 3.45pm  10.52km Roo+Lake 42m04 4.00m K's 146bpm

Sun 5.08pm  8 X 400m Nudgee 120m jog recovery

Mon 5.30am 10.5km Roo+Lake no time (Garmin switched itself off)

Sundays session was conducted after a storm had moved through and  taken the heat out of the day, 30C/86F at noon down to 22.5C/72.5F at 5.00pm, however, the humidity was 95%. I decided on more of a speed session as will race 1500m at the weekend for the first time (other than the relay) in about 4 years!
With no wind  (2kph) and warm conditions, I felt good before the start and knew I would go well, even on a wet track with puddles!.
Concentrated on form and trying to stay relaxed (while putting in maximum effort) .
Was nearly tempted to tack on two more reps just to compare it with my sets of 10 X 400's.
The sweating was unbelievable cascading down my head by session end.
Probably the same sweat this morning with 98% humidity that caused the Garmin to switch itself off!

Overnight in the States they had the National Masters Cross Country Championships.
Results here.
350 Masters competing in one race! what a fantastic celebration of Masters running.

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