04 December 2011

Mile 4.44 Qld M50 Rec

Down to the Gold Coast this morning for a Mile.
Good conditions (the heat and humidity are lesser factors when your only running 4 laps).
Brendan Wheelan was out to demolish the Qld M35 Rec.
so at least i had someone to draw upon
First lap plus 9m was about 67/68, with Brendan running 65/66.
2nd lap Brendan cleared off (2.12) with me about 2.18.
3rd lap I think I went through in 3.32? so was tieing up big time!
It is amazing how different running a mile is compared to the 3 & 5k !.
Brendan started to come back to me on the last lap - it was his first track race of the
season. He ran 4.39,
I timed myself at 4.43.5 no electronic timing but had three watches clock me at 4.43:5, 4.44:2 and 4.44.2 - I'm not sure if they give the median time or the average.

Ronnie wont mind me taking this record off him - a sprint by his (and mine) standards!


coach dion said...

I wish I had a couple of Miles to aim at here in Cape Town, I would like to see if I could get down to that time.

It's a nice run and yes it's a little different, to the longer stuff. I found the marathon easier!!!

BeerMatt said...

You're on fire at the moment Dave. Great to see and long may it continue!

kevin f forde said...

Looking forward to my first mile race of the season at The Armory on Jan 5th