14 August 2013


Sunday 11.15km  47;15 4m14 K's
Monday Recovery
Tuesday 11.09  47;10 4m15 K's
Wednesday Back to Nudgee 10 X 400m with 65 secs recovery. I ran this session programmed into the Garmin and set the distance at 420m as Garmin always measures long on the track. 420m turned out to be just right for an actual 400m. Averaged about 70secs see detail below. 
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coach dion said...

To wet here in Cape Town to get on the track...

Anonymous said...

How did you get over the PF so quickly ? Lourdes' holy water . Thought you were joining the tour .

David said...

Not sure I'm quite ready to say fully over PF as still background discomfort and besides it has been over 18 months and as for joining the Tour I was closer than ever before to considering doing a duathlon.
Stay positive

Clay Dawson said...

Heya David! It's been ages since my internet wanderings have taken me to your page! Last I read was the beginning of your latest woes!

SO AWESOME to see you KILLING it at the moment - these splits are brilliant!

Congrats and welcome back!