07 August 2013

Breaking Bad

Late night watching Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix so when the 5.00am alarm sounded I rolled over and decided to run at lunchtime. The difference was running in double long sleeves tights gloves and beaney in the dark at 8/10 O C or strolling along the Brisbane river in 25 O C in shorts and singlet , not a cloud in the sky and enjoying being out there with the large numbers of lunchtime running aficionados.
It is hard to believe it is Winter, back in the UK people would often fly to Portugal or the Canarie Islands in Winter for 'warm weather training' but you'd be very lucky if you ever the saw the temp get close to the low 20's even though the Caray Islands are off the North African coast.
14.89km 60;44 = 4.05 KM's
Yesterday I got out in the early morning - near froze my bollocks off  (10 O C) and managed
11.16km 48;07 = 4.19 KM's
(first two KM were 4;48 and 4;30 - so I must have been very cold).

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