28 August 2013


Mon 19th Aug 2.30pm 10.6km 43;34 4m07 K's - was travelling back from Gladstone (thankfully by plane this time) got out for a spin around Roo+Lake in the afternoon.
Tues 20th Aug 5.30am 11.11km Cadel Loop 47;21 4m16 K's
Wed 21st Aug 6.30pm 11.92km Cadel loop+ 46;41 3m55K's with a very fast last 1500 in 4m48 
Thurs 22nd Aug 12.56pm 14.77km 58;19 3m57 K's
Fri 23rd Aug 12.55pm 12.42km 51;26 4m09 K's
Sat 24th Aug  7.00am 5K Sandgate parkrun 16m12 3m16 K's
Sun 25th Aug Nudgee 10 X 400m 65sec recovery. Warm conditions (mid 20's C) windy first bend. I love all the stats the Garmin churns out and enjoy the peaks and troughs of all that effort and recovery. 
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Monday Recovery day
Tuesday 27th Aug 5.26am 11.17km 47m56 4m18 K's Cadel Loop
Wednesday 28th Aug 12.00 15km Brisbane River loop not timed. It got to 28 O C today and it is still officially Winter ; 
Queenlsand Winter = Running Paradise.
Photo from my epic 30K Beach run at Bribie a fortnight ago


Christian Wiener said...

Lovely running week. How do you correlate that with Franz Kafka or his works?

David said...

In 2008 I was visiting Family in London. I travelled with my 16 year old son and felt compelled to show him a little of 'old Europe' and spent a few days in Prague where we wandered around the Jewish cemetery and came across Franz's grave.
I also happened to be watching an episode of Breaking Bad titled Kafkaesque and the word appeals to me.