25 August 2013

Sandgate parkrun 16;12 Déjà vu

Perfect day for racing and it would be hard to beat the location Sandgate esplanade overlooking Bramble Bay, no wind and with the sun beating down but a cool 11 O C temperature.
After a short warm up (1.5K) and a few strides I positioned myself at the front on the start line with a field of 250 runners making this one of the biggest parkruns. The course runs straight down the beach side pathway, do a 180 degree turn and run back. A  fast start was necessary to get clear but perhaps a little too fast as 3m03 was followed by 3m21 my slowest K, even when you take into account the slowdown to run 180 O around a flagpole my 3rd K was 3m16.  
You can see the turnaround point at 8;01 and the pace dips

Upon turning you start running back into the hordes of runners and at one point in taking evasive action I banged my hip/waist against a metal bollard but only suffered temporary pain. I was looking up hoping to spot the finish area 2KM ahead in order to give myself incentive to stray strong. It didn't work I couldn't see the finish and started slowing 3m20 for the 4th K.
Eventually the finish area came into view and I was able to lift again finishing off with a 5th K in about 3m10 (the Garmin had the course at 4.96km). 

I got my heart rate up to 180bpm which is about my maximum.

The organisers told me my official time was 16;11.52 but that gets rounded up to 16;12, so same time as North Lakes and I am happy with that as I still cant believe how fast I'm at with just 8 weeks running training behind me. I had no real aims for the run but it was nice to set a course record and Age graded record as well. Warmed down with old buddy Geoff Holmes and had Iced Coffee following which could become regular at this venue.
Thinking about running Bridge to Brisbane 5K as I don't think I have the speed endurance to cope with 10K just yet and I hate the palaver of a very early start (for 10K) and waiting around to get a bus back to the start.


SBx said...

Great run again David. Well done.

coach dion said...

180 I can't get my hreat up that high... my max in only around 175! Maybe I need to put the body on the line and chase some fast 5km times... 16:12 would be really fast, you are flying at the moment.

Are you going to hit the track this summer and go under 16?