20 August 2013

Story Bridge Loop

Thursday Lunchtime Run from work 14.8KM 61mins 4m10sec K's
Friday Lunchtime Run from work about 8KM in 33mins

My body tends to cope better with late afternoon or evening runs. The heel feels better later in the day with no pain whereas mornings it can sometimes feel sore. 
Like I said I will manage my workload (training) as appropriate. Today (Friday) I had intended to run when I got home from work but forgot I was working (Beers at Suncorp) this evening. I had shoes at work but no kit so a trip to Rebel Sport for kit cost $82. 
I got out and ran the old Story Bridge loop back through the hordes in the restaurant quarter and back into the Botanic Gardens for 33mins (no Garmin and the phone would not pick up GPS signal).

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