05 August 2013

running on empty

Monday Rest day
Sunday long 22.3km run
Saturday fast 10.6km run
Friday 11km recovery run

I didn't have much spare time on Saturday and smashed out my 3rd fastest ever Roo+Lake - even with a deliberate warm up during the first 2K's. 
I really should have done a warm down after Saturday's run but didn't and expected to pay on Sunday. Remarkably I felt OK Sunday , running in the late arvo. In fact I started with my sunnies on but the sun set shortly after. To give you an indication how quick the sun goes down here (there is no twilight), I was running the last part of my run in total darkness along unlit paths with no moonlight and plenty of trees - it certainly slowed my pace down which wasn't a bad thing.

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Saturdays run if I substitute the first KM for the pace of the last KM I ran about 36mins for 10KM which exceeds any expectations I have in my fitness/comeback.

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Sunday's run combined parts of my early morning road course with Roo+Lake, running circuits around North Lakes.

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coach dion said...

We need those suprise runs to happen in races....