11 August 2013

North Lakes parkrun 16;12

Thurs 30km along the beach at Bribie Island 2;11;03 = 4m22 K's 137 BPM 
Fri 5.34km Lake 23;06 = 4m20 K's
Sat North Lakes parkrun 5km 16;12 = 3m14 K's results here

I had to go to Bribie on Thursday so I thought I'd take along my running kit and run up the beach towards Caloundra. Steady going on the way up into a headwind running high 4m20 K's. Turned at 15km and had the benefit of the tail wind. Which picked the pace up to sub 4m20 K's.
An absolute pearler of a day, not a cloud in site. Firm sand and nothing but crashing waves for company.

I thought the 30K would stay in my legs a lot longer but Fridays jog was OK.
Yesterday I raced for the first time since Oct 20th 2012 when I did the first ever North Lakes parkrun off no training at all (17m18) but it has been 18months since I last raced seriously at the state 3000m Champs in Feb 2012. I have had about 6 weeks running and been going OK but was not expecting anything in particular but to just go out hard and give it a crack.
I made the rooky mistake of getting to the start line without turning on my Garmin so I didn't actually have a watch on it myself. 3 laps around the lake on a quite a zigzagging pathway by lap one and half I was having to overtake what turned out to be half the field , adding seconds to my time. I tried to relax but felt my heart-rate was right up there which is always uncomfortable. Also it was cold and I was typically holding my arms very high and they went numb.
I wanted to see if it was going to be worthwhile making the long trip to Gladstone next week for an 8KM race. When I finished I was told I'd run a new course record (come on I own this course the amount of times I have run Roo+Lake!!) with 16;12, I simply said "f#ck!" by way of astonishment.
I had no idea what I'd run would have been happy with the 17m18 I'd run last time. To run 3m14Ks by myself on that course was beyond any expectation. Now of course I want to run it sub 16mins!
91.77% age graded is right up there with some of my best ever performances. I hold hope that with some solid months ahead and some track work I might still run sub 15:50 on the track. I need to keep my body together and look after my heel which can still be uncomfortable.


SBx said...

Wow that's impressive David...well done.

TokyoRacer said...

Nice race off 6 weeks training! Hope I can do the same at the end of September.

You do hold your arms up high, don't you? You've always done that?

Anonymous said...

Mate what are you on . I need some !

Road racer said...

Is that legal ? Off no training ?

BB said...

David that is fantastic . Reckon you'll get the world record.what is it ? Can't wait to see your results when you get back into some real training . You've inspired me . Shows what perserverence can achieve . Your an inspiration .

Tokyo express said...

Ignore the knockers and go for the records . The means always justify the ends .

Zip2 said...

Heard a whisper the course was garmined at 4.81k .
Still a top effort . Amazing effort off hardly any training .

David said...

Hey guys thanks for all your comments.
TokyoRacer (Bob)yes always been prone to carrying my arms to high - See side bar photos for instance the 1979 All England Schools.
The organisers told me they measured the course using a wheel and first time I did it my Garmin said spot on 5KM

coach dion said...

That's a good time, I really need to see if I can run fast again...

Anonymous said...

Dave, don't know how u do it, guess u will be chasing the money at Gladstone on the 18th, give the rest of us a chance at TLC fun run.
Great performance & great age grade - might be something in all that bike riding! Dave S